Hong Kong dependant visa applications to be tightened! Pay attention to these two points, or you will definitely be refused!


Hong Kong dependant visa applications to be tightened! Pay attention to these two points, visa extension hong kongor you will definitely be refused!

Those who intend to apply for Hong Kong identity should take note. The Hong Kong Government has also introduced new requirements for dependent visa applicants: from June 19, dependent visa applicants must submit proof of no criminal record.

How to obtain a proof of innocence can be divided into the following situations:

For regions or countries that have resided for more than 12 months within a 10-year period, multi entry visa chinaa local certificate of non-criminality is required;

The non-crime research certificate validity period management is generally 6 months, therefore needs to calculate own time when processing, can not prematurely open;

Method. Most countries in the world can now submit applications online, training visa hong kongbut some less developed regions still need to do so. Therefore, the applicant should pay attention to the past life abroad, understand the local application requirements and regional approval time, and prepare the application in advance;

I also know the requirements of Hong Kong for areas without criminal records. For example, for the United States with no criminal record, it is required to submit the FBI's no criminal record. Submission from that state is not accepted, so the FBI's non-criminal application needs to be submitted at the time of application.

Recent applications for dependant endorsement are as follows:

Where the principal applicant applies for a dependant visa separately after the endorsement, the speed of endorsement will be slower. Without any assistance, an endorsement would take about six weeks and a re-issue would take 8-10 weeks.

Proof of address is a major issue in a dependant's endorsement application.

Generally speaking, outstanding talents must be submitted together with the main applicant, and there is no need to rent a unit in Hong Kong in advance. If you have obtained Hong Kong status, you must first rent a house (excluding buying a house) to apply for a dependent to come to Hong Kong.

With respect to renting, it is important to pay attention to its reasonable size and the appropriate address. After renting out a house, you need to provide the immigration office with house photos, lease contracts, water, gas, stamp duty and other information, the immigration office will make a judgment and review.

If you have any other questions about your dependent visa application, you can add WeChat consultation.

Hong Kong immigration department starts“Cherry-picking”

Since the beginning of this year, the number of people applying for Hong Kong identity through various management talent training programs has surged!

Over the past four months, our department has received over 60,000 applications and approved over 33,000 applications!

The KPI set by the Hong Kong government for talent introduction was “35000 talents will be imported annually for 2023 and the next two years“, and the target has only been achieved in the first quarter now!

So now the Hong Kong immigration department has started“Cherry-picking” applications or raising the threshold!

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