An article tells you what is motorized curtains?


First, what is the motorized curtains

What is motorized curtains? As the name suggests, the so-called motorized curtains is to start with electricity, through a remote control to control the curtains. Motorized curtains in appearance and ordinary curtains and not much difference, it has the role of social ordinary electric curtains shading, blocking the sun, itself and has the unique cultural advantages that ordinary curtains do not have. Motorized curtain types are also a variety of forms of diverse, it has a lot of different classification and management standards, for example, we can be mainly divided into roller blinds, Roman blinds, blinds and other types according to the analysis of the decorative design effect of motorized curtains, according to the actual operation of the training institutions can be divided into motorized lifting curtains, motorized canopy curtains and other types of curtains. Classification work standard requirements are different, the function of each data type also has an impact on the difference, we should be comprehensive ability to consider their own preferences and needs to choose when shopping.

Second, the characteristics of motorized curtains

1. Flexible mode of operation

Motorized curtains operate in a very flexible way. You can pull the Electric curtain track yourself, you can also control the opening and closing of the curtains by remote control or button. It can meet various needs and is very convenient. The group control function button on the remote control can realize the simultaneous control of multiple curtains, and you can control the closing of the curtains even if you are lying in bed and resting without getting out of bed.

2. Absorb noise

Low noise Motorized Curtain Track do not produce much noise when in use. When it opens and closes automatically, it runs smoothly and has very low noise. It is very suitable for installation in conference rooms and is a good choice for some people who pursue a quiet environment. In the sound transmission part, the treble is a straight line, and the window glass has a high reflection of the dry treble. Therefore, curtains of moderate thickness can improve the reverberation effect in room acoustics. Similarly, thick curtains also help to absorb external noise and improve the indoor acoustic environment.

3. Practical

Motorized curtains not only have the function of shading the sun, but also have the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, use of light and so on. Motorized curtains do not need to be pulled by hand, which can save a certain amount of time and manpower, and like ordinary fabric curtains, no matter what materials are used, they can be installed on the motorized curtains, which is particularly practical.

4. Wide range of use

Motorized curtains have a wide range of applications, living room, dining room, study, bedroom, office and other places can be used, in the villa, conference room installation of motorized curtains will be very stylish.

5. Decorate the walls

For many ordinary homeschooling, curtains are wall decorations, especially the "four white floor" of the flat family. In addition to a few picture frames, curtains may be the only thing left on the wall. So the choice of curtain design style can often play a decisive role. Similarly, the right curtains can also make your house beautiful and personalized for the side of a well-decorated home.

6. Protection of privacy

For a family, no one likes to have their every move in the view of others. Therefore, privacy standards vary depending on the size of the interior. The living room and common family activity areas do not require much privacy. Most homes have curtains hanging in the living room, mostly for decoration. In bedrooms, bathrooms and other places, not only do they require invisible, not even shadow through, which may lead to different issues in different areas of the choice of curtains also different issues, the living room can choose transparent cloth, the bedroom can choose a slightly thicker cloth.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, smart homes appear in people's lives, loved by most modern people. Motorized curtains are one of the representatives of smart homes.

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