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Tumbler Heat Press 4 Pack - PYD Life Sublimation Blanks Skinny Straight Tumbler Matte White Powder Coating 30 oz Coffee Stainless Steel Tumbler Cups with Lid and Metal Straw

Top-notch Sublimation Powder Coating: Whether it is sublimated in an oven or tumbler press, the print color is clear and vibrant.

Detail:The 30 oz, 900 ml sublimation matte white tumbler comes in four pieces with a brown gift box and distinct boxes for each item.

Totally Straight: Our powder-coated sublimation thin tumbler is entirely straight, with no tapering, making it simple to create a full wrap sublimation print using a sublimation oven or mug tumbler press machine.

With Metal Straw and Lid: These powder-coated matte-white sublimation tumbler cups feature a sliding lid and a metal straw.

Ideal Personalized Presents: The sublimation tumbler cups may be personalized with ANY design you choose, making them ideal as personalised presents for friends, family, or coworkers.

Large windproof emergency throw mat for hiking, picnics, and road trips; machine washable; 82" x 55" packable; stadium blankets for camping with quilted fleece lining

210T Polyester Waterproof Backing and Windproof An extremely high-quality 3-in-1 camping blanket with a polyurethane coating, hot air cotton, and polar fleece.

It's the perfect stadium blanket to keep you dry and warm, and it works well for picnics and beaches too.

An outdoor blanket is the ideal way to stay warm with your friends and their families.

MAXIMIZING SAFETY WITH ULTRANSONIC QUILTING: Ultrasonic quilting is used to fuse the two layers of the blanket together, preventing them from slipping over one another and possibly endangering anyone who walks or runs across them.

The blanket is completely waterproof because there is no sewing or needle work involved, preserving the waterproof layer.

Simple to fold, store, and transport, our waterproof blanket storage bag makes it easy to pack and travel with your camping blanket in just two minutes.

Located beneath the blanket for security and visual appeal, the storage pouch on the blanket holds small items like keys and cell phones that are easily dropped while camping.

HUGE, LIGHT, AND WARM ENOUGH: This 82" x 55" large waterproof stadium blanket (about 2 pounds) is big enough to wrap two people around and comfortable for three to six people to sit on.

It can be tightened around the body with its two drawstrings.

The 250gsm polar anti-pill material used to make the blanket allows it to keep you warm and cozy all at once.

CAMPING & ROAD TRIP MUST HAVES: Machine washable, machine-washable fleece stadium blanket that is ideal for tailgating, beach, travel, sports, concerts, cars, dogs, emergencies, and outdoor sporting events.

Water Damage Restoration Equipment Air Purifier Red CADPXS Shield-550 Negative Machine Airbourne Cleaner HEPA Scrubber

An entire-home air purifierPollen, sawdust, pet hair, smoking, and other airborne pollutants are all eliminated by the S-550 HEPA air purifier.

Purchase a Shield-550 air purifier and receive a complimentary 5-piece Merv-10 filter set!

Fits three Cadpx Shield-550 models: red, gray, and blue [Use of Commercial Heavy Duty] The MERV-10 pre-filter shields the primary HEPA filter from big particles so that it may do more sensitive tasks.

Perfect for water and fire damage restoration, sewage restoration, building sites, and home repairs [Carbon Filter with Activation]Paint, tobacco, animals, cleaning supplies, cooking, and other aromas are all eliminated by the carbon filter.

For salons or print businesses looking to get rid of undesirable smoke, this air purifier with an activated carbon filter is ideal.

[Performance]97% of particles larger than or equal to 0.3 microns are removed with 99% specified HEPA filters.

Perfect for cleaning hospital rooms and children's bedrooms of harmful air.

For use on dusty building sites, mostly for demolition and interior remodeling [Meeting Your Needs Comes First]The guarantee provided by CADPXS is bumper to bumper.

Our goal is for your purchase to make you feel absolutely happy.

Should you run into any issues, please get in touch with us and we'll try our best to address them.

Lubriplate L0034-094 No. 105 Motor Assembly Grease, 10 oz

White, 150°F Max Temp, NLGIG 0 Lubriplate L0034-094 10 oz Item package weight: 0.67 pounds Best Lithium Battery Manufacturers

Operitacx 10 Pieces Water-Activated Sealing Tape Machine for Shipping, Carton Sealing Tape, Kraft Paper Tape, DIY Paper Tape, Gummed Paper Tape, High Tensile Tape Coating presents

Gift tape: this type of tape is resistant to oil, solvents, water, and curling.

Band tape for gift packaging has an aggressive, high-tack adhesive that sticks well and sticks quickly.

It works especially well in cold weather.

Upholstery tape—machine shipping tape—is resistant to oil, solvents, water, curling, and abrasion.

Carton sealing tape—a type of craft sticker tape—has an aggressive, high-tack adhesive that sticks well and sticks quickly, working especially well in cold climates.

This paper tape set, which includes kraft flatback tape and gift wrapping tape, can add some flair to your stationery and crafts.

Yunnergo Pair of Ultra Precision 1 x 2 x 3 Inch Parallel Bricks Set 23 Hole .0001 Precision with Box and Screws

Material: Made of high-quality steel, sturdy and durable, not easy to wear and tear, long service life.

Accuracy: 0.0001, 23 holes Product includes: One pair of ultra-precision 23 hole parallel block set, 5 hex screws and a hex wrench with plastic box.

Application: Great for machinists, carpenters, metal workers and more.

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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