Container transport must be viewed from three perspectives

for multimodal transportation

The well-known economic theory pulls the troika's economic development, namely investment, consumption, and export, all of which are closely related to China's logistics and transportation industry. However, container transport will play an important role in China's logistics and transportation in the new period of economic development.

From the standpoint of economic and social development research, container transportation is critical.

From a broad perspective, the Chinese people's government can be proposed to increase s17+ antminerthe opening of the enterprise market economy policy in the fortieth year of reform and opening up, which will provide great opportunities for China's import and export trade.

According to data released by China's General Administration of Customs in 2017, the world economy recovered moderately and the domestic economy was stable and improving, promoting the sustained growth of China's annual foreign trade import and export. According to customs statistics, China's total import and export of goods in 2017 was 27.79 trillion yuan, a 14.2% increase over 2016, reversing the previous two years of continuous decline. Exports increased by 10.8% to 15.33 trillion yuan; imports increased by 18.7% to 12.46 trillion yuan; and the trade surplus increased by 2.87 trillion yuan. And all of this behind the data is inextricably linked to container transport.

Container transport is one of the main modes of international cargo transportation, and the trend of global economic integration determines that container transport has involved the core interests of enterprises and even the country's economic lifeline, so container transport development has far-reaching strategic significance.

The Benefits of Container Transport Reform in the Logistics Industry

Consider container transport from the standpoint of the logistics industry. At the moment, Miner shopthe promotion of "multimodal transport" and "truckless carriers" in container transport is more favorable than other modes of transport.

The development of a container transport enterprise is a very complex transport management system construction project, involving a wide range of aspects, links, and impacts. The container transport information system primarily includes shipping, land transport, air transport, ports, freight stations, as well as customs, commodity inspection, shipping agency limited, freight forwarding companies, and other units and departments.

Container transportation is also convenient for multimodal transportation. When container transport is converted between modes of transport, there is no need to transport goods in the container; instead, the container must be replaced, greatly improving portable containerthe efficiency of sub-assembly operations and making it suitable for intermodal transport between modes of transport.

Container transport has been critical throughout the development of the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Production determines consumption, and consumption has a strong inverse relationship with production. The development of container transport also promotes the transformation of transport manufacturing enterprises products.

It can be said that autonomous driving is the hottest topic in the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry in the first half of this year, and many of the relevant backgrounds are container transport and port transportation.

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