Why does your base makeup rub mud, what to do if your base makeup rubs mud

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When our students usually paint the base makeup, they will often encounter various problems in learning, such as powder sticking, mud rubbing, dullness, etc. are very common base makeup problems, which lead to many important reasons for companies. Sometimes the foundation is not suitable for developing one's own work. Sometimes the teacher's own skin quality analysis may also be a problem with the way the makeup is applied. Why is your base makeup rubbing mud? Generally speaking, there are two different situations when people rub mud: the pre-makeup product is too complicated and greasy, the interval between skin care steps is too short, and the product market has not yet absorbed it.

If the skin is not cleansed before applying makeup, it may contain oil and dirt.

At this time, it is necessary to clean the skin with hemp sponge first, and then do the pre-makeup work according to the skin type (oily oil control, dry moisturizing). Simplify the skin care steps before makeup as much as possible, but be sure to pay attention to the interval between each step for 1-2 minutes, so that the skin will "eat" all the skin care products without rubbing mud!

What to do with base makeup

Generally speaking, the foundation only needs one-sized watercress to add to the five points on the cheeks, pat or spread on the side.

So the way to avoid rubbing mud is to suggest that you start the makeup steps after the skin care products are completely absorbed.

Exfoliate regularly, once a month. If it is a girl with sensitive skin or different dryness, it is recommended to exfoliate in about one and a half months. Appropriate exfoliating products can make the skin easier to produce and absorb Chinese skin care bulk loofah 6 inch , fundamentally cut off liquid foundation rub mud.

Simple lotion can't solve the problem of extremely dry skin, the frequency of moisturizing essence and mask should be strengthened in daily skin care steps

It is recommended that you get up 10 minutes early in the morning, moisturize properly, and skin care in the order of cleansing, water, eye cream, essence, lotion, and face cream.

When using, reduce the amount of cosmetics and absorb them, and then use lotion and cream to lock the moisture in the skin.

Why is your makeup not thin enough?

First of all, we need to choose the right tool. We have talked about how to choose our own makeup brushes. Good makeup and good brushes! The most comprehensive literacy post on makeup brushes! Come get it!!! Generally speaking, the bamboo sponge city is more suitable for companies with Combination - oily and skin, because the sponge in our country will absorb the oil and moisture of the skin. Although there are many problems in my country now, we will use the sponge material as the last step of the base makeup to remove powder marks, but they For dry skin, using the right makeup brush can effectively prevent makeup from being fixed by the sponge. Use your fingers to apply evenly on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Then use a foundation brush to push the liquid foundation from the inside to the outside, so that one is thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges until it is pushed evenly. Note: Don’t draw circles with the tongue-shaped foundation brush, and don’t brush from bottom to top on the cheeks, otherwise all the pores will come out! However, if you use a flat-head foundation brush, you can not only push it out in small circles.

Why does liquid foundation rub mud

Too much foundation fluid will lead to foundation mud, too much foundation fluid will cause the foundation fluid to not evenly adhere to the skin, and then of course mud will appear in the subsequent foundation rehydration!

If the skin care products are not absorbed, the amount is too large, and the application is too thick, the skin care products will not be fully absorbed on the skin. Residual skin care products touch the liquid foundation, causing the liquid foundation to fail to fit the skin.

The stratum corneum is too thick or too thin to make up, and the stratum corneum is too thick to eat skin care products, and the skin care products stay on the skin surface to form a mixture of base mud. The stratum corneum is too thin and severely damaged to lock in skin care products, and the skin remains dry after losing skin care products. Then make up on the subsequent foundation, there will be a phenomenon that the base fluid accumulates on the skin surface-friction mud.

Too dry skin leads to dry skin, especially in autumn and winter. Skin that is too dry can't absorb skin care products, causing skin care products to accumulate on the surface of the skin. Follow-up makeup, liquid foundation and skin care products are mixed and accumulated on the surface of the skin, causing mud rubbing.

The wrong order of nursing work leads to muddying of base makeup. In many respects, girls do not have time to put on makeup in the morning. They are too rough on skin care products and refuse to spend time in the company to absorb skin care products.

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