Still worried about heavy oil pollution on your kitchen floor? Learn these tricks, no longer need to worry

Learn these tricks, no longer need to worryThere is an old saying that "food for the people",kitchen scrubber manufacturer the kitchen is we can work every day through the use of the area, so for the kitchen floor, wall environment will appear because of frying and cooking and become oil pollution disaster area. This is a kind of clean development problem has become the most difficult problem, today I will teach you to learn how to easily remove the kitchen floor, walls on the oil.

First, dry grass and wood ash

Many people do not know what dried plant ash is. As a matter of fact, dried plant ash is the residue of dried and burned plants. All we need to do is to mix the ash and water to make a paste at night. Then apply the paste on the floor oil and wait for the next day to rinse it repeatedly with water and the kitchen floor will look new.

Second, washing powder

Laundry detergent is also a very effective way to remove kitchen floor oil stains. First of all, we sprinkle some laundry detergent on the floor, with a half-wet way on the floor sprinkled with laundry detergent wipe, so that the laundry detergent penetrates into the oil, wait for 5 minutes, and finally use a clean wrung rag to wipe the oil clean.

Third, vinegar + water

Mix vinegar and water, then mix the solution of vinegar and water to wet the floor, and finally wipe the floor with a mop repeatedly, you can quickly remove the grease on the floor. This method is suitable for cleaning the kitchen floor oil don't be too heavy OH ~ if you can do regular cleaning, then the oil will be well removed.

Four, bread

You must be surprised to see the word bread! Yes, it is bread. Because bread is soft and sticky and contains a lot of starch, it is easy to absorb oil. We can use expired bread scraps. Isn't this method particularly simple? And to give expired bread the ultimate value!

Five, paper towels + cleaner

We can just need to spread the paper towel in the oil stains a little heavy place, and then students and then sprinkle a layer of detergent on the paper towel placed for a while, so that for the oil stains will be adsorbed to the paper towel all by itself. Then through we will paper towel removed, wipe clean with a rag, so that the enterprise can develop very can effectively improve the cleaning of oil on the ground. This research method has the same is also applicable to heavy oil stains of the stove and hood oh~

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