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As we all know, Word and PDF of these two technical documents, in our life and work plays a very important role in our work, in our editing of manuscripts, we need to use word documents, and in the reading of the more important documents, we often use their own PDF documents.pdf to word converter offline software free download full version As word and PDF the use of these two documents are not the same, so through different application scenarios to be converted to each other, in order to more easily realize our office, it is because they are only because of this, master the word and PDF conversion skills in relation to each other, only to become a very very important. For office workers, not only the knowledge to master the two file system conversion skills, but also to improve the learning of practical and efficient methods. I will talk in detail about the following word document to pdf how to turn?

Computer word to PDF

The first type.

Open the computer word, click to change the document format;word to pdf converter online i love pdf

Click on the top left file, find and click Export to PDF

Wait a few seconds, and then automatically converted to PDF

The second type.

Open word, click the file to be formatted.jpg to pdf converter and combine

Click to select the file on the upper left, find and click "Save As";

Find and click "Word Document (* . Docx)" to the right of the lower triangle

Find and click on the pdf (*.pdf);

Find and double-click to save the location, and finally click Save;

Note: word comes with the file conversion function, although simple and practical, but can only convert a single file. If there are a large number of documents need to be converted, word comes with the conversion function is less efficient.

Why convert Word to PDF?

When we work on the phone or computer, we sometimes need to convert text to PDF, but many people do not know why the text will be converted to PDF, and the advantages of PDF over word. Only when we know the advantages of PDF, we will be more willing to convert text to PDF in our daily work.

word and PDF of the main difference is that word is suitable for editing, and PDF is more suitable for reading, some documents are used for reading, if the word view, it is easy to cause changes to the original document, resulting in unnecessary trouble as well as loss. PDF in addition to the security and editing and word is different, PDF compatibility than the word to be better, the word is not compatible with the case, it is easy to have a word in the software, the word is not compatible with the case, it is easy to have a PDF. Compatible with the case, it is easy to appear in the case of garbled code, PDF does not exist in the case of garbled code, in terms of compatibility is also much better than word.

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