There are so many kinds of curtains, what do you know?

roman curtain

1. Traditional fabric curtains

Advantages:Good shading and brightness, high durability.

Traditional fabric curtains include cotton, linen, polyester, facecloth, gauze curtains and other materials, fabric curtains are softer and warmer, commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms hidden, but also need to assess whether the lighting is sufficient, the living room is often used in the living room floor-to-ceiling type, able to completely block the source of light, to achieve the effect of privacy protection.roman shade

2. Roller blinds

Advantages:Easy to operate, versatile.

Roller shutter fabrics are mainly made of waterproof polymer material, which integrates safety, sound insulation and other functions. The price is friendly to people and easier to clean and finish.roman blind It can also be transparent and anti-pollution, and is often used in public places, such as office buildings, schools, banks and other places, and is often used in high humidity and dirty spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms in home decoration.

3. Roman blinds

Advantages:Adjustable light source, easy to put away.

Roman blinds belong to the type of fabric curtains, than the decorative effect, Roman blinds can be said to be the most able to create the atmosphere of a kind of curtains, Roman blinds can be divided into folding, fan form, wave type, to create a kind of elegant and rustic beauty.Roman blind curtain Can control the magnitude of the light source into the room at will, coupled with its ability to a large area of multi-colored and patterned fabrics, the visual impact on the space has a high degree of influence, so that the Roman blinds have become one of the popular types.

4. Blinds

Advantages:Good shading and dimming effect.

Blinds have a good role in regulating environmental light, often widely used in corporate office workplaces, it may also be time for the bedroom, bathroom, but blinds due to a certain gap, privacy is not can be very good. Blinds are often used in American and country culture style space, many companies also use this type of curtains in the office space, in order to achieve effective shade and dimming of the double management function. Blinds have a variety of texture options, such as aluminum, wood, plastic, fabric blades, etc., according to the space design style to do with.

5. Organ Shade / Honeycomb Shade

Advantages: Thermal insulation, sound insulation performance is good

Organ curtains, also called honeycomb curtains, are fabric curtains and are a green building material. The hollow structure of the organ curtain not only has a good shading effect, but also can store air, with effective heat insulation and heat preservation. The surface of the organ curtain is made of anti-static material, which is not easy to stain the dust and is easy to clean, making it the best curtain for residential use.

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Do Roman blinds allow in any light?

Roman blinds can be made from a variety of high-quality materials, such as linen, cotton, and silk. They are also really easy to use. Simply pull them closed when shade is needed and fold them together to let light into your room.

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