How to choose the right high-quality sponge material: comfort and durability for your furniture

right sponge

We can usually use our own sofa, mattress, etc., will be through the use of sponge, in fact, there are many types of sponge, choose a suitable type of sponge, students need to master to learn some of the work of the skills, then how to correctly select a good sponge?cellulose sponge factory I summarize some relevant advice for you, I hope to help you.

How to choose the right sponge

First of all, carefully select the sponge for furniture, not only to see, but also to touch, the smaller the pores of the sponge, the more delicate the appearance, the better.

Secondly, if you pinch the sponge with your hand, it can be quickly restored to its original shape, indicating that it has good resilience. Sofa sponge must have high elasticity. If it feels stiff, it means that the quality of this furniture sponge is not up to standard.

Thirdly, generally speaking, good quality furniture sponge has at least 60% ~ 80% elongation, so open it by hand, the sponge can return to its original length. Sometimes, in order to improve the sitting comfort of the sofa, but also to ensure that the density is not reduced, the sponge is upholstered, so that the sofa has a high degree of elasticity and anti-aging properties.

Fourth, the new sponge will generally have a little odor, about a month will naturally dissipate. However, some manufacturers use inferior materials to produce sponges, which are irritating, unpleasant, persistent and harmful to the human body. Be sure to pay attention to this when you buy.

Fifth, if we tear with our hands, it is easy to tear, it shows that in the production and development of furniture sponge in the process of cutting corners, or can be used in the raw materials for quality management is very poor, the quality of furniture sponge with better is very important not easy to tear.

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