What is the role and purpose of SEO?

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What is the role and purpose of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is just one of many ways to promote the internet.

When we try to understand the problem of seo, at least we have heard of the term SEO, but we may not know what it is for, or what is the ultimate goal of SEO.

To be clear: not for research purposes to sell is to promote, is a hooligan.

There are many promotion channels for an enterprise or product, and the network is just one of them. Digital Marketing Agency However, the search engine is only a promotion method in the network promotion channel.

A few years ago, Seo was very popular, but in the past two years, it has calmed down a lot, and also appeared in the songs of Seo. Thirteen throwing knives blog that this is just an opinion of the issue.

Many people have made the changes of Big Brother Xu, but some people think that big brother Xu is very good. The $13 blog knows a friend who works for a well-known company as a Search Engine Optimization director. It is said that his annual salary is nearly 50 watts.

Whether the company chooses marketing search engine optimization needs to consider whether it really needs it.

When we decide to use SEO as a means of promotion, we must first understand what role SEO has played in our business or product promotion, or what its purpose is.

From the surface, we can see the Search Engine Optimization.

You can get a good ranking in search engines.

In many people's eyes, SEO is the search engine keyword ranking, SEO = search engine ranking. What makes you think that? Because this is the most intuitive form we can see.

② It can bring traffic to websites or shops.

Search can have a good ranking, good ranking in a certain research sense equivalent to traffic, traffic means popularity. Think about it, a commercial website information or product no one can see, no one can know, this is because of what terrible things.

Can understand what users really want to know.

The user visits our website through the search engine, actually is only the first step. More importantly, we can proceed to the next step of the data analysis. In this way, you can visually see the words the user is searching for and then understand what the user is interested in.

This is of great significance to guide our next work.

The potential function and value of Search Engine Optimization.

Bring different customers to the website information or shop.

Use Search Engine Optimization or other networks to drive traffic not only to your website or product, but also to your customers.

Yes, bringing customers through SEO is the value of SEO.

Bring brand value to your website or store.

First of all, SEO brings customers to the business, which in turn brings income. But sometimes, what we want is not only to bring customers directly, but to gradually influence customers and reflect the value of word of mouth.

Are you playing NB?

Hsu Sir's voice can be so loud? In fact, what we said above is only the surface of SEO, more in-depth only in the further understanding, in order to get a better understanding, this opportunity to themselves can say it again later.

It should be emphasized that you have not established your own search engine optimization website.

For example.

You are a real estate developer and now you have developed a new property that needs to be pre-sold. It is important to build your own offline sales team and channels. But in the age of the Internet, this is not enough. Online channels need to be established.

Offline is selling houses, and online is publicity. Buying a house is a big deal for many people, so you should know about it online before buying a house.

This raises a question. Do We have to build our own website in actual web promotion? Do We have to put the Search Engine Optimization in front of the site?

Actually, no. Sometimes it is thankless to build your own website.

So what to do?

Help me.

Promote yourself with the help of some other corporate websites, for example, there is no such information website in the world, as long as it is possible to work with them and spend some money when necessary, this is done.

First of all, their websites have a high weight, and when searching for relevant information, they are generally displayed in a relatively high position.

Second, it is more professional, cultivate user habits, with higher credibility.

The third is to cooperate with them, so that you can provide a better display position.

Therefore, understand the role of Seo and goals, can also be based on the actual development of students to decide whether to do Seo, and whether to establish a website to do Seo.

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