How much do you know about the full range of Tudor watches?

How much do you know about the full range of Tudor watches?

Tudor, TUDOR, founded in 1926, Swiss watch brand, second-class first-class watch; and Breitling, Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Emmy, etc. belong to the same category; is a subsidiary brand of Rolex. In the 1930s, Rolex (Rolex) founder Hans Willsdorf (Hans Willsdorf) in the United Kingdom to promote this watch, the price is too high, ordinary people can not accept. In order to develop the market, Hans Willsdorf decided to produce a reasonably priced product with the same quality as Rolex. Thus the Tudor Rudder was born.

Tudor watches are now divided into five main categories. There are eight types in the Beyoncé collection alone (Beyoncé 1958, Beyoncé Chronograph, Beyoncé Bronze, Beyoncé P01, Beyoncé 32/36/41, and Beyoncé Greenwich), and six types of sports watches (TUDOR Royal, Pacem in Terrance, Pacem in Terrance, Pacem in Terrance, Pacem in Terrance, and Pacem in Terrance). There are six types of official watches (1926 Collection(TUDOR 1926 M91351-0002), Rose Collection, Fashion Collection, Monarch 2-Digit Calendar, Monarch Weekly Calendar, Monarch Calendar) and seven types of women's watches (TUDOR Royal Collection, Monarch Calendar, Rose Collection, Blue Bay 32/36/41, 1921).

TUDOR Biyan Collection

Tudor's Biyan series, is Tudor series of products inside a relatively young consumption of fashion, have vitality of some different styles, style bias sports, color collocation is also very good; using the fabric strap material belongs to the economic and comfortable type. Basically use the Tudor independent MT movement, excellent stable working performance, provide about 70 hours of power system storage. Below, from left to right, are the Bivouac 1958, Bivouac Chronograph, Bivouac Bronze, Bivouac, Bivouac P01, Bivouac 32/36/41, Bivouac, and Bivouac Greenwich.

TUDOR Sport watches

From left to right, Royal Tudor's sports watches are the Royal Collection, Lead Diving Watch, Chronograph Watch, Quick Ride Black Shield Watch, Extremely Flag Watch, and Qicheng Huiming Watch, the Royal Collection is different from the Sports Model, 2824 Sport; more personalized is the Start Bearing Timer and Black Bezel, the Black Bezel is equipped with the 7753 Automatic Chain Sport, Multi-function Timer; at 3 o'clock is the 30 minute counter, TUDOR Ranger M79950-0003,12-hour counter at 6 o'clock, small seconds at 9 o'clock, and a calendar window at 4:30, this collection is the spirit of the Superbike timepieces.

TUDOR Formal watches

Tudor formal series of watches in order of 1926 series, rose series, fashion series, junque two-bit calendar, junque weekly calendar, junque calendar; Tudor's formal series is mainly junque, fashion and junque style is still a bit of Rolex, but not the same as Rolex, more simple atmosphere. Monarch two-bit calendar using MT5641, Monarch weekly calendar using 2834 movement. mt is better than 28 in performance.

Tudor Women's Watches

Tudor Ladies watches, from left to right, are the Emperor Tudor Royal, Junjun Calendar, Rose, Pipa, 32/36/41, 1926, Fashion, and Prince & Princess; Like the Rolex, the Tudor Ladies is a sophisticated and intelligent women's watch. Most of the movements are based on the 2671. This movement is also one of the more common ones used by women with red watches, and in general, the women's look is not too surprising and the styling is quite common. The Princes are pretty close to Rolex style, especially the Princes and Princesses, which are the evergreen Royal Rudder family. Some experienced collectors know that even in the 1960s and 1970s, the quality of the "Princes and Princesses" rivaled that of the luxury brands, which shows the importance of these two lines. The watches in these two collections adhere to the mechanical automatic movement, while maintaining the popular Rolex look and style, giving them a timeless feel.

Tudor Diver's Watches

Tudor's dive watches are, from left to right, the Lead Diver, Lead Diver LHD, Bivouac 1958, Bivouac, and Bivouac Bronze. The submarine models are in fact the same, using the MT5612 movement, water resistant to 500 meters; the submarine's leader, the LHD, TUDOR Ranger M79950-0002,is LeHandDrive, an acronym for "left-handed"; the Bibendum 1958 uses the MT5402, water resistant to 200 meters. The Bivouac 1958 uses the MT5402 movement, and the Bivouac Bronze uses the MT5601 movement, both of which are water-resistant to 200 meters. Overall, the dive watch style and movement are similar, waterproof lead dive type will be better, can be in the deep sea diving. There is no problem with ordinary swimming in Biwan. After all, it is also 200 meters waterproof.

The above question is a full range of Tudor watches and models, different can use a variety of occasions we have their own different styles of design style, if the students usually study business enterprise office more on the selection of formal series, if they like to conduct outdoor sports selection of Biyan series. Tudor currently in our country, the use of the movement has ETA movement, SW movement, the first self-produced MT56 series movement released in 2015 and the small size version of the MT54 series movement released in 2018. (The word "MT" on the movement stands for "ManufactureTUDOR").

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