Where are the WPS files located in the cell phone?

WPS file

The use of cell phones for WPS file processing is very convenient,merge pdf rearrange pages but saved documents in the phone where the specific location?

First, the phone in the WPS file storage location

1, first of all, open the phone in the [File Management] application.

2, enter the [File Management], click on the center of the [Documents] tab.

3, will now show a list of all documents, you can look directly in the list, you can also click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right to search.

4, find the document you want to query, long press the file name for about 2 seconds, do not let go. At this time the bottom will pop up some information. Select the [More] option in the pop-up information, and then click [Details]. In the content of the new page, it will show the location of the file storage.

Second, the location of the WPS cell phone online cloud storage files and how to find

1, first of all, open the WPS application on the phone, and search for the document you want to find.

2, in the document name on the far right, click on the three dots icon, and long press about 2 seconds do not let go.

3, the pop-up page scroll down, find the [Details] option, and click to enter. In the bottom of the [Location] column, it will show the location path saved online.

Through the above steps, you can find the specific location of WPS files in your phone, either locally stored or online cloud storage.

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